Daily Pre-K (Sunshine) News





Ms. Nicole, Ms. Megan, & Ms. Lynn

January 21, 2021

Theme: Winter Animals


Circle time



Pledge of Allegiance 

Today we read the letter R story

Nursery Rhyme: "Humpty Dumpty"


We reviewed "Humpty Dumpty" and talked about why polar animals are in danger. We talked about pollution, oil spills, and poachers.



Language- "Racing Raccoon" story and Polar Animals in Danger by Melvin and Gilda Berger

Literacy- letter R words

Math- number 14 recognition and counting bears

Art- made seal flippers


Other Centers:


Art center

Home Living

Science- ice fishing with magnets

Quiet center

Manipulative- Kinex


We had a fun day!









Online educational supports:




What we are learning:

This week we are learning about the number 14, the letter R, and polar animals.


Things to review/work on:

ABC flash cards

Number flash cards

Rhyming words

Creating Patterns


Special Events & Reminders!!!


Please wash your child's mask daily so we can help prevent sickness!!! Thank you for your cooperation!!! :)

Nursery Rhyme

Today we reviewed "Humpty Dumpty." We will work on it every day, and on Friday I will have your child say it to me. When they are able to recite it, they will get a sticker on their chart.