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5 star

I love St. Henrys CLC. I have used their service for my two children. My older child who is eleven now still has found memories of her time at the creative learning center. They equipped her with the skills she needed to be very successful in her education beyond the center. I love the way the work with the parents updating them on your child is doing, what they are learning as well as behavior. My younger child started the center when he turned two and I am even more impressed on what he is being taught. This year they have included a Spanish class. My child has come home using Spanish and had a simple hello conversation with our waitress while we dined at Mi casa Mexicana. I'm just overly expressed with their program. I'm so happy I was able to use the learning center again.



Letter to the Center:   (actual letter below) 

St. Henry's Creative Learning Center has been an absolute lifesaver! The staff are well educated and compassionate and management has consistently been available whenever I have any questions. I will continue to recommend this wonderful school to all of my neighbors with small children!

















Here's what our parents have to say about their experience with the
Creative Learning Center.

(These comments are from an anonymous parent survey)

Our child has learned so much!  We highly recommend the Center to everyone!

I feel that my child does receives a level of personal attention.  My child talks about his teachers.

Both directors are very understanding and flexible with our schedule. Both are very caring and helpful with our child, especially during drop-off!