CLC Twiddlebugs


Twiddlebug Room

15 months to 24 months

 February 26,2019

We had a great day!  We got some new toys and they were having a blast playing with them!  We have chunky Legos which will keeping them busy.  We read some books and danced to Frozen CD.  We were tired at naptime and went to sleep right away. Ice cream for snake was great!      
Our program for this age group develops their Fine Motor Skills by learning how to use a spoon, hold a
cup,  scribble with crayons, stack blocks and rings, and turn pages in a book. The Gross Motor Skills include  
learning how to sit, jump, run, throw and kick a ball.        
In the area of Social Development, the children are learning such things as recognizing themselves in a 
mirror,  respond to their name, play with others, imitate adults, pick up toys, start to identify body parts,
help with washing and drying their hands          
The children also begin the development of Cognitive / Language skills. They are learning to talk, respond  
to simple directions and put words together. They also learn shapes and colors by playing with shape
February 19,2019                  
Today was Picture Day.  We had fun waiting for our turn.  We had our pictures taken and we smiled big smiles.  The rest of the day was filled with palying, reading books, lunch and nap.  It was a GREAT DAY!                  
February 27,2019              
We plaayed inside and had snack .  Oranges and milk was our snack.  At 9:00 we went outside.  we bundled upa dn went ooutIt with the Cookie Monsters and ran around, went down the slide, and had a great time.  It got cold so we came in.  We built with the new chucky Legos and then knockd it down.                   

It was a great dayof fun!!!!