July 2021 Newsletter

St. Henry Creative Learning Center

July 2021 Newsletter


July Birthdays

Happy Birthday to:

*Ms. Judy July 15 (Director)*

*Callie July 27 (Counts)*

*William July 12 (Sunshines)*

*Athena July 9 (Kids Club)*

*Bristol July 19 (Kids Club)*

*Christopher July 24 (Kids Club)*

Birthday Party Day will be celebrated on Wednesday, July 14. The children will celebrate with special activities in their classroom and have birthday cake for afternoon snack.

Special Events / Important Dates

Monday, July 5 FOUTH OF JULY WEEKEND: We will be CLOSED on this day!

Thursday, July 1 – Friday, July 16 – TJs Pizza Summer Fundraiser: Last year was such a smash, we decided to do it again! Order forms will go home Thursday July 1st and after two weeks will be due back with money included Friday July 16th!

Wednesday, July 14 – Birthday Party Day: During the summer in addition to party games and cake for snack we will also have WATER PLAY on this day during outside play time. One these days we ask that you send your child to school in clothes and shoes you don’t mind them getter wet in and be sure that they have extra clothes to change into afterwards. No swimwear needed; we will not be using pools this year! Water play may include water balloons, sprinklers, and other water spraying toys.

Friday, July 30 - National Day of Friendship: Reviewing ways to be a good friend.


  • With summer comes the hot sun and OUCH! potential sun burn. If you know your child gets sun burn easily and would like sunscreen to be put on them you must send your brand of choice to school with their name written on it and it will remain it their lockers. Same would apply for bug spray.


Well time flies when you are having fun so each classroom wanted to share a highlight of June!

Cookie Monsters

  • “This month we had fun playing in tents for summer camp week and painting rocks and ‘ice painting’


  • “Covid may have impacted the Olympics in Japan but not at C.L.C. The Count chose a country and painted the flag on a repurposed pillow case. Our outstanding athletes won gold, silver and bronze. CONGRATULATION!”


  • “This month, we held our own Olympic games. We participated in races, an obstacle course, hopscotch, and jumping rope. We had a blast!”

Kids Club

  • “We’re off to a great start to our summer in Kids Club! Some highlights from our program so far include: baking and decorating donuts in National Donut Day, constructing a marble run out of pool noodles, making our sensory bottle, making Minions out of toilet paper rolls, and building our own versions of Forky from Toy Story 4! So far, it seems our Disney theme week has been the most popular.”