Reopening Plan



CLC Reopening Guidelines/June 15, 2020



Procedures for drop off & pick up:

NO one will be allowed in the building

Wear mask when approaching the door (adult & child)

Ring bell or call 234-6061

Sanitize hands

Avoid physical touch with staff person

Temperature of child will be taken, no higher than 100.4F

Sign on the sign in/sign out clip board



Highlights of CLC Reopening Plan





NO parents or visitors will be allowed to enter the building. If a repairman, inspector, or essential visitor requires access to the building, their temperature will be recorded in the log as well as their phone number and email address.





All special events and field trips are cancelled for the summer.





STAFF: All staff will be required to practice social distancing and to wear a mask upon entering the building and when indoors. Staff will be instructed to limit physical contact with their peers and the children. Temperatures will be taken at the front door upon arrival for their shift and recorded in a log for future reference.

During the day, if a staff person feels ill, their temperature will be taken and recorded in the log. A staff person with a temperature of 100.4 For higher will be excluded from the center.





DROP OFF/Pick Up: Persons will not be allowed to enter the building. Persons may call or ring the buzzer at the front door. The drop off person and the child will be screened for possible illness or respiratory issues. The temperature of the child will be taken and recorded in a log for future reference. Children with visible signs

of illness, respiratory issues, or a temp of 100.4F or higher will be excluded from the center. Persons (adult & child) should wear a face mask when dropping off or picking up children and practice social distancing. Physical contact with staff or other children must be avoided.





EXCLUSION: Any child suspected  of having COVID-19, diagnosed  with COVID, or having been in contact  with person diagnosed with COVID, shall be excluded from the center until a written physician  statement  is provided  stating the child is no longer communicable and may return to day care.



In the event that a person in a staff person's household or a student's household is diagnosed with COVID, the individual is required to immediately share this information with St. Henry Creative Learning Center.  This is the responsibility of every individual to ensure the safety of all the children and staff. The confidentiality of this individual will be respected in this matter.



Any staff person with a fever of 100.4F or higher should immediately leave the premises. A sick child should be isolated from the other children and staff. A cot will be placed in the hallway next to the director's office to await pick up.





COVID-19 PLAN: If a staff or child has a confirmed COVID diagnosis, the center will immediately notify the ST. Clair County Health Department and the local DCFS licensing representative. The center will comply with the directives of these agencies. Notification will be emailed to all parents, a sign on the front door, Facebook posting, and a note on the sign in and out clip boards that a person has a confirmed case. Staff and children will be dismissed as quickly as possible and a short-term closure will be put in place. The CLC would follow the CDC guidelines to clean and sanitize the building. Guidance from these agencies would be followed as to when staff and students could safely return. Directives from these agencies would be posted on the front door of the center, sent by email, and posted on our website 



CLASSROOM SAFETY: Staff will limit physical contact with other staff persons as well as the children. Social distancing will be practiced, as well as children ages 2 years or older wearing a mask while in a classroom, in the hall, or bathroom. Staff will remind children to social distance, wear their masks, and to avoid touching their teachers or other students. Children may remove their masks while eating, sleeping, or playing outside.

A maximum of 10 children per classroom with the same staff for the entire day will be the new classroom format. No mixing of children during this initial 4-week period.



 All dress ups or stuffed animals will be removed from the classrooms. All items that are touched frequently will be sanitized with a bleach solution hourly.



PLAYGROUND SAFETY: One classroom at a time will be allowed to use the playground. Toys will be assigned for each classroom of children. The toys should be sprayed with the bleach solution or wiped with disinfecting wipes upon leaving the playground. Hands will be washed immediately upon returning to the building.



NAPPING: The children will remove their masks and place them in their locker. There will be a minimum of 6 feet between cots. Children will be placed head to toe to reduce the contamination of breathing face to face.



HANDWASHING: Handwashing will be even more frequent than usual. Staff will either assist or supervise the children in their handwashing techniques. Washing hands with soap and water is the best option. However, at times, hand sanitizer will be used on the children with supervision.