Daily Counts News

Counts Class

Theme of the Week: My Neighborhood

Letter of the Week: A



Build your Neighborhood


A is for ...... APPLES




and A Birthday Party OH MY What a Busy Day!!

Happy Birthday to Our Count September birthdays Kelsey and Ms. Mag!!!











What we are Learning


This week we will be learning all about the letter A and My Neighborhood.

The color of the month is Blue.

The shape of the month is Circle.

--"I Spy" is a great game to play with your child to help to work on identifing these thing.

-- Also an activity that we do at school is searching for our focus letter in books so they are seeing the letter in different fonts and sizes.

Things to Review/ Work on


Letters in their own name/ Spelling their name

Letters: D, M


Special Events


COUNT BIRTHDAY - Ms. Mag (9/8)
COUNT BIRTHDAY - Kelsey's 4th (9/30)




Grandparents day is next month, be sure to fill out a premission form.