March 2017 Preschool Newsletter

St. Henry Creative Learning Center

March 2017 Newsletter


March Birthdays

Happy Birthday to

Khloe March 7 (Cookie Monster Class)

Delaney March 22 (Twiddlebug Class)

Papa John's Pizza Night- Papa John's Pizza night will be on Wednesday, March 15. We hope you will support our school by ordering a pizza. Our school does receive 20% of the sales for the night. In January, our school received $24. Thanks for your support.

Birthday Party day will be celebrated on Friday, March 17. The children will celebrate by wearing something green, running an obstacle course and having cake in the afternoon for snack.

Vision and Hearing testing - During the week of March 27 the children that are 3, 4, and 5 years old will have a vision and hearing test. Please have your child at school for these tests. More information will come later as to which day and what time.

SUPPLIES NEEDED!!!!! It is time to help restock the classrooms with supplies. Please help by bringing in Kleenex, baby wipes and paper towels, for your child's classroom. If you have already brought things in, we appreciate it very much.